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About Us

Flexagon Digital use a refined toolset to manage your web presence.

No fuss. No frills.
Just what works.

Our Services

We specialise in digital management with an emphasis on user experience, up to date SEO practices, web optimisation via the use of analytics and the best toolset for WordPress development available.

UX Design

User Experience has never been more relevant. Your customers desire a streamlined, intuitive journey and coherent information architecture when they visit your website whether they know it or not. Any interruptions and they won’t hesitate to close that browser tab.


Search Engine Optimisation has never gone away, but as always, the landscape is changing. More and more integrated with user experience principles, getting the functionality and performance of your site right is critical to the performance of your business.

WordPress Development

Through many years of exposure we have evolved a deep understanding of the WordPress ecosystem. With this experience we have honed a robust, secure and road-tested set of tools to develop the solution that is perfect for your business. Reliablity and availability are our watchwords.

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